Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A survey

I got this survey at Anna's blog,so i find it interesting and everyone could grab it..
Here goes:

Last website you logged into before

Do you hate back stabbers?

Give a four-letter word that starts
with "F"?

Have you ever rode a rollercoaster?
~Oh nooo!,i dont feel like trying it though,I'm scared

Butterflies or Fireflies?
~Dont really know the feeling

Do you own one of those havaianas

Last time you dined out?
~for snack

Do you believe that love finds a
~it always do

Name a relative's name that starts
with letter S?
~Sheila my cousin

How many contacts do you have in
your cell?
~I think 40 plus

Time you woke up?
~9am..hehehehe sleepy head

What's your wish at the moment?
~to be with my baby forest

Last book you opened?

Is there really such a thing as
"meant to be"?
~Of course....

Do you have piercings other than the ear?

Do you turn the music player on before you sleep?

Last person who called you thru
~my officemates

How about thru your cell?

How often do you check your emails?

Last thing you bought?

Do you shop with friends?

Where was your default picture
~outside the house

Last cartoon movie you've watched?
~Dora the explorer

What are your plans after this?
~Call my baby then go to bed

Are you alone in your room?
~ yes wish my baby is here

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