Monday, June 30, 2008

A Day with friends

Last Saturday I was invited by a friend of mine to attend her birthday party in one of the beautiful resorts here in General Santos City. We went to Olaer Spring which is not so far from the city proper and very accessible to get in there. We had so much fun,I met new set of friends,the foods were great,the place is so relaxing,the weather was good and really a good day for swimming..Here are some pictures i took:
It's me and my friend gorgina along the bridge..It is a very beautiful resort,so relaxing and very close to the nature because of the different trees surrounded in the place.

It was so cold but still managed to smile...hehehehe but it was worth the fun.
Me again of
My favorite picture so far..Can you tell how beautiful the place is.
Swimming time..Me and Gorgina...She is Miss Dang at the middle,i never thought that Me and Gorgina has a common friend.Miss Dang is her childhood friend and i know Miss dang from the LTO, great acquintance.

Stolen shot...wwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....
Me and Sponge Bob the square pants this time with the beautiful house on the backgroundBonding time with Gorgina's family and the rosted pig...yummmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

I really had a great time with them and we are looking forward to another outing one of this days.It was a great weekend

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