Sunday, June 22, 2008

Super typhoon FRANK

It's been how many days that super typhoon FRANK is in the country (Philippines),It has been affecting so many cities, it has been destroying lots of properties in any part of the country, Lots were dead and were missing because of this typhoon and just recently in the news a ship sunk somewhere in Romblon and 7 were declared dead and still many are missing..The weather forecast can't determine yet to when this super typhoon will leave the country..It is so sad to hear some news like this, Alot of people are losing their houses and some properties and what touches me most are those children who are so young to experience this kind of calamities..Lord God please help them..I hope and pray that everything will be fine soon and back to normal and that everyone could go back to their own respective lives..Let's Pray for our fellowmen who are going through this trials..

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