Monday, June 16, 2008

after 4 long years,im back

It's been 4 longs years that i haven't been to my granny's farm. Before when i was still a student,i use to spend my summer vacation at granny's but when i started working,i didn't get the chance to spend some time there but I am very glad that last weekend i was there. It's good to be back there,seeing my friends,my cousins,my aunts,uncles and some other relatives that i seldom see.I spent the night there and we all had a nice time telling stories and catching up on one's lives..Everything in the place seems the same but it has a lot more houses now and made the village more joyful.I had a great time seeing my family again. I got the chance to visit my grandparents grave at my granny's farm but honestly i really had a hard time reaching the place because we had to climbed 2 or more hills to get to the top,,,wwhhheewwww but it's all worth it and i enjoyed although i had a bodyache when i woke up the following day it's priceless.I hope to visit again there soon and I am looking forward to that,so here are some pictures i took when i was there,just forgive me with the dates,i forgot to set the date and time of my camera because of but it all happened last June 8-9,2008 at Baliton,Glan Sarangani Province.
It was my first time riding a horse,,gggeeeee you could tell on my reaction lol,i was really scared because the horse is moving and I'm always thinking that it may run so fast..OOHHH MY but it was worth a try though..Just hanging around the young coconut tree.This was taken at my granny's farm.
The thing i missed when having my vacation at granny's,eating young coconut,yummmmmmyyyyy!!!!!!! taste so good.I was very tired from all the walking and all the climbing but i still manage to take a pose..hehehehehe does it tell that im tired on this picture?:)
On our way to my uncle's house,I was always left behind because i walked so slow'm out of shape,,wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaa...Well i really had a great time at my granny's farm.


Mummy Sheng said...

have fun and enjoy your stay!

Dezz said...

sis seems, ure having lots of fun. I missed going home almost same ang view going to my hometown-:(