Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Why I don't like going to a professional footall game

Post contributed by Fletcher Vargas

If I must, I go to a professional football game. I prefer not to. I'm not a big fan of the crowds. I get jostled around, and it usually involves going into a big city. I understand that there are advantages of going to a professional football game that do not come from watching it on a television set somewhere. The downside of having to put up with all the people irritates me. Sitting in the stands is worse than going to a mall during the Christmas season.

Even though I do not like going to professional football games, I still like to keep up with my favorite team. Modern broadcasting technology makes this an easy process. I can stay out of the big cities and the crowded stadiums. I also avoid paying $5 for a hotdog that probably cost the stadium no more than 50 cents.

Because I am not a fan of going to professional football games, I watch the games on satellite TV frequently. Programs like NFL Sunday ticket(click here for HD channels) help me keep up on all the information I need for my fantasy football league without having to track down all the scores in the papers or on the sports sites on the next day. Not only do I get to do this, no one sees how messily I eat my chicken wings, either.

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