Friday, October 29, 2010

Reasons why I play tennis

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers

There is no more fun sport in the entire world than the game of tennis. Tennis is a sport that requires diligent practice and focused performance every time it is played. I love to play this game for many reasons.

One, I love to play it because it gives me time out of the house and something to do with my most favorite person in the world, my wife. We have played tennis ever since we started dating back years ago. In fact, one of our first dates was played out on the tennis court. She has always been an ultra competitive player with a fire in her that many cannot match.

I play at our local tennis center. It is a fantastic tennis community. Ten inside courts and ten outside courts with stores that sell tennis equipment and clothing. Sit down cafes are full each day. This is a place for the tennis lover to gather.

Another reason I love to play tennis is that it keeps me in shape. I am able to stay very youthful due to many rounds of tennis each month. And that adds up. But, before I even think about going out to play, I always set my home security alarm from

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