Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Deal or No Deal

Posted by Tommie Wells

Deal or No Deal is on satellite tv and is hosted by Howie Mandel. The contestant chooses one of the numbered 26 briefcases for themselves and is kept closed until the end. Each case has a different amount of money inside. The player then chooses briefcases to be eliminated and their amount is revealed instantly. After a certain number of rounds the banker will offer the contestant a deal. The player can accept the deal and thus ending the game or deny the deal and continue playing. The game ends when a deal is made or until all the cases have been opened and the money amounts have been revealed. If a deal is made then they play out what would have happened to see if a good deal was made or not. The banker's offers change each time based on the values left on the board. Usually the offers are low at the beginning of the game but can exceed the average of the remaining values at the end of the game. Very few people have ever won the top prize. It is fun to see the player struggle over whether to take the deal or not. The game can be really suspenseful and you may find yourself yelling at the screen, like I do when watching my team on direct tv Sunday ticket in Dallas, to accept the deal, instead of losing a lot of money.

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