Friday, November 06, 2009

We're Having A Baby Girl

I have not posted this one yet but I had my OBGYN's appointment last October 26, 2009. They did a sonogram for the baby gender. The husband was there as well as my mother in law. The result was were having a baby girl..Whheeeeh!..So exciting and it get's me more excited when I see the excitement of my husband about the baby. I love watching him when he talk to the baby. I love watching him when he buy stuff for the baby and I love the feeling that my behalf is very excited..Our baby's name would be " Adelie Mae Erro Eaton". My hubby love my name so he wanted to use it on our baby's name which is fine with me. In fact "Adelie" is my grandmother's name. I was named after her because I was the first born child of the only boy in the family which is my father. "Mae comes from my husband's side. It is the middle name of his mom's side and been used from generations to generations. "Erro" is my family name when I was still single. Here in the states it uncommon to have two names but to our baby we will be following the filipino tradition which happen to be the middle name of the mother's maiden name.


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Whatelse can I say? Just passed by here from Sheng's page. I'd though I'd say hello! Hello! ^^

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And, please always take care of yourself and your baby girl.