Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Past Time - Twitting

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Sponsored Tweets. All opinions are 100% mine.

I did it. I am so hooked with the latest trend on the internet right now. Well I am talking about Twitter. Everyone just keeps talking about twitter and I think every individual has on account on twitter already..Lol..But anyway, I like twitting because it gives me an update on the latest happening around the globe. It also lets me reconnect with my long lost friends too which amazes me and stay connected with them on web. But there is also a huge twist on twitter though. I mean, you are not only reconnecting with friends, following your favorite artist, brag about something you are very proud of, but at the same time you can earn some money out of it too. Yes, you heard it right. IZEA a very well know company is sponsoring twitters and helping them monetize their tweets. Isn't that amazing? You are making money on your hard work and being a twitter. That's why I said, I did it on my earlier post because I did sign up for sponsored tweets as soon as I've heard about it. This was launched by SponsoredTweets.com an online marketplace that allows everyone to connect directly with advertisers to engage in sponsored conversations through Twitter. Advertisers will compensate you with cash in exchange for a sponsored tweet. Isn't that a good deal? Oh I would love to tweet every second of the day. All you have to do to get started is to set your price, add a category and some keywords then wait for offers to roll in from Advertisers. After which you can choose an offer. As offer starts rolling in, you can either accept it or reject it. If you accept an offer, your account will be credited within 24 hours of your tweet then you can cash out once your account reaches $50. That's just it. Very fast, very easy and you'll get good money out of it. Register now!
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Spices of Life said...

now i wonder why it is really addicting....thanks for sharing