Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to overcome claustrophobia

My husband has a fear on tight and enclosed spaces and also known as claustrophobia. I worry for him all the time because even wearing a seat belt will make him panic and starting losing his breathe. I always curious and looking for some treatment for him to overcome this. I found some articles online about this sickness. Claustrophobia is the irrational fear of tight or enclosed spaces--not so much the space itself, but the inability to escape from it. Serious cases of claustrophobia can prevent people from necessary activities of life, even something as simple as driving a car. As with most fears, many with it may feel it is impossible to overcome. But ultimately, understanding and rationality is all it may take.

Step 1

Understand exactly what causes your claustrophobia. Try to remember if there was an incident from your past that led to this fear. It could also be from a family member who suffers the same.

Talk with a doctor or therapist. They can be the best at determining the cause and solution. Being able to overcome your fear and function in society is worth the financial cost.

Talk with people who have also suffered from claustrophobia and overcome it. Look for local support groups where people talk about these experiences.

Find ways to calm your body and focus your mind. This is one of the biggest steps toward overcoming fear. It could involve meditation or maybe just taking deep breaths.

Put yourself in a situation that causes your fear to emerge. This should include whatever specifically triggers that fear, such as a small elevator, a room with no window or inside a car.

Think of more positive, rational thoughts that replace the negative ones that cause the fear. These thoughts are what drive the emotion and action. This is known as cognitive behavioral therapy.

I hope this serves some points for you.

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