Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Here are some fun and excitement for you this holiday. It is all about wishes being granted everyday. Have you got one? If not this is your chance. This is got a wish mania from Santa Claus. Just simply listen to Santa and upload your photo to see if you can make the nice list. I have tried and uploaded our wedding picture. I choose this picture because this is the greatest day of our life.

Also experience the difference of Ceiva from other digital frames. It adds a special touch to any home decoration. A great present to friends. A piece to treasure and a memory to reminish when time passes by. You can also win their daily sweepstakes that is randomly picked everyday and a chance to win $500. Isn't that amazing? A double prize at stake. You are not only sharing the great moment that you had through photo upload but the same time, there's a great chance to win their daily prices.

Visit thier website now and start sharing your momentum, experience the new trend in digital world and win great prices that awaits for you. Try it now and see the difference.

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