Friday, December 12, 2008


Have you heard about acobay? if not here are some details for you to start with. Acobay is a website that helps to connect people with the same interest or stuff such as phone brands, cameras or places you have been. It is amazing how you can interact with other people with the same interest or stuff that you have. Does it sound new to you? Yes it is because this site is quite fresh and working so hard to bring a simple yet powerful website to everyone. I tried and have registered on their website and what amazes me were the stuff that I can feature and know someone that has the same stuff that I have and will be connected to one another. You can list as many stuffs as you want. You can also create your wish list to where you can add somebody's stuff that you don't have then you can join their discussion. For example, you saw someone owned a sports car and you don't have it. You don't have to buy a sports car just to talk to him, all you have to do is add it on your wish list then join their conversation. This site is not only gathering people that has the same stuff but also granting people's wishes that they wish they have. Amazing! Join their website now and start connecting with people with the same interest that you have.

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