Thursday, December 11, 2008


I was so amazed today because for the first in my life, I have seen the real You might think I am crazy but geee I am so happy of what I have seen for the first time. Well, it was announced yesterday that it will snow today and I'm like ohhh no, it will be so cold but when my husband woke me up this morning around 6, wow that's all I can say. I find it so pretty and was really amazed of the snow. Here in Mississippi, they seldom get snow. They said it will only snow 2-3 times a decade but I am glad that I have given an opportunity today to see a real snow...hehehehehe. I just wish I took a picture of

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Marites said...

was just curious if you know anybody from Kiamba named Jocelyn Malagar? We were classmates in college before in Davao City.