Monday, July 14, 2008

The Wedding of Crystal Wilson and Michael Nichols Jr

When two people meet and grow in love, the purpose of their meeting is to help each other in a certain area, on a certain level of their lives.Two people meet for a particular reason, a reason related to emotional growth or lessons to be learned to foster that growth so that they can become all they are meant to be, become who they really are, as opposed to their false perceptions of self.It is a wonderful thing to be with one person for as long as the relationship is of mutual benefit, to help each other grow, to explore life, to engage your minds in new areas.Remember always and in all ways: Be true to yourself; be true to the other; dare to say how you feel; dare to express what you think; and dare to live, thrive, and grow, either alone or together. Either way, your desire to be all you can be, can be fulfilled only by honoring your truth and finding the love within to share that truth until death do you part from this life.

To Crystal and Michael congratulations. We are happy for the both of you.. God Bless and have a wonderful life ahead. Here is a video clip on their wedding ceremony.

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~mTm said...

I would prefer this taken down. This is my wedding to my now ex wife. And don't want this out on the internet