Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My little brother Mark and cousin Byron

Just a thought of featuring my brother mark and cousin Byron here. Mark is my younger brother and Byron is my second cousin. They both sing so well and lots of things in common..Mark is 2 years older than Byron. Mark is 19 years old and Byron is 17 years old.. They are both in college now. Mark is taking up Electronics and Communications Engineering and hopefully by next semester he will continue his studies, Byron is taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management. I wish them good luck to their chosen career..Here's some pictures of them:My brother mark is wearing an orange shirt and my cousin Byron on a gray shirt.
They just love playing the guitar during their spare time and sing so well and not just singing but cooking as well. They love to cook and eat..Well it tells on their figure..lol
The two of them are just being silly on the camera...

So they are our future engineer and a hotel and restaurant owner

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