Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's been a while

Cooking is my favorite thing to do. I love being in the kitchen and discover new recipes and cooked some food that I desire to eat..It's been a while that i haven't spent much time in the kitchen but lately I just loved to cook and here's what I got for tonights dinner. It's been my favorite food to eat and I enjoyed the grilling part of the pork. This food is called "kilawin". I just love this food and will never get sick and tired eating it..hehehehehe..This is just so easy to do,just grill some marinated pork chop,then cut into small pieces,add some cucumber,unions,ginger,lemon,vinegar and salt to taste and your done..

I also had some apple for desert,God I'm so full and I enjoyed my dinner tonight. I had so much fun with my cooking since I stopped from work. Hope you guys had a great dinner and enjoy eating.

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