Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I've been hanging out to a dating site particularly cherryblossoms to mainly have a continuous communication with my online friends. It became my recreation in going to the public chat room everytime I'm home from work. I enjoyed so much and just to be able to stay in contact with my friends and met new ones as well is a good stress reliever from working the whole day. I wasn't really searching at all but I am very glad that I've been to that website and found the love of my life.

October 24, 2007 around 6 in the morning, me and some other friends were chatting online at blossoms and suddenly noticed someone who were just in the room and just kinda observing. Chat name was "forest". I never noticed this name ever since i joined blossoms and out of curiosity because his new to the community I did checked his profile and see what's in there. The first thing I noticed was his dog. A very cute dog and have said "nice dog Forest" when i get back to the main chat room and everything started there. We were teased by my friends and everyone in the room and our topic was all about dog but it was a great conversation and a good friendship was made. Time came that i need to get ready for work so then i said goodbye to everyone and to him but deep in my heart I don't want to leave that day because we really had a nice conversation and the time I logged out,I'm really looking forward to chat with him again if ever his still there. I went to the office with a big smile and can't understand myself on why I can't get this guy out of my head. I wasn't able to log in back in a couple of days because I was very busy with work and had attended a birthday party. October 26, 2007 around 11:25am to be exact when I logged in back and a friend of mine told me that Forest have been looking for me and that just brightens my day but in my mind I'm like,what did i do wrong?but of course the "kilig" factor was there and what makes it more "kilig" when he left a message for me to wait for him because his coming back,so then I've waited and finally chatted. It feels so great to get acquinted with him again on the second time around. We exchanged stories,he asked where I was for the past couple of days. We've chatted for more than an hour when suddenly our power went off,Oh my God!,I was very worried that time because I didn't know how to let him know that we are currently having a power outrage. I don't have his phone number yet or email address either. I felt bad because he may think that I just left and have no words at all but then I'm out of control with the situation and it really sucks and a torture on my part. I've waited for the power to go back in and thank God after 5 hours power has finally resumed. It was around 5 in the afternoon here in the Philippines and I went back to the room. I wasn't expecting that he's still there in the room and yes he's not there anymore. I feel sad and have told my friends about what happened and to asked me an apology to Forest whenever his around. I was about to log out when he came back and that just put a smile on my face and have told him that we lost power and he understand. From then on we exchanged email address and phone numbers and things started for the two of us. We chatted everyday and exchanging sms. We talked before and after my work but eventhough I'm at working we still talk and it makes me feel so special because someone is always there for me. Our feelings for each other grows each day and the more we keep in touch the more feelings we have for each other. We know by that time that we have this special feelings towards each other and in everything he says,my heart just go ponder.

The magic word has finally spoken. He said I LOVE YOU and I could hardly explain what I felt when i heard those words but It's a wonderful feeling on hearing those words from the person you love most and i said I LOVE YOU TOO. October 30, 2007 at 12:34 in the afternoon, Philippine time we were smsing while I'm at work when he sent me a tagalog message. I could barely understand the message but the thought was all about a proposal and I did asked if it is and he said yes and have said it again to his own language. That time,I dont know what to do,I was so surprised,I was so speechless,I'm blushing and could hardly concentrate with my work..wwwhhheewwww and with all that unexplainable feeling amd happiness I said YES I will marry you. We are so happy and can't wait to talk to him online when i get home. I can't wait to talk to my future husband. We communicated constantly through emails,chat,sms,phone calls and snail mails. I also met his family online and they are very nice and so loving. Each day our love grows that eventhough we are miles apart, we are binded by our love. We spent our first Christmas online,our New Year and Valentines Day. He always surprise me with some stuff like sending me fresh flowers,twin bear,chocolates,cards,jewelries,his shirt and some other stuff.

For 4 months of chatting online,he finally made it to the Philippines and met in person. Actually, he didn't tell me on when he is coming but I was very glad when he sent me his itinerary to the Philippines..WOW!!!! he will be here on the 23rd of February 2008 10:30 pm at NAIA airport and the countdown begins. Each day we look forward to be with each other,gets us more excited,gets us more anxious and just those mixed emotions keeps us more closer and the day we have been waiting for has finally came. He was suppose to be here on the 23rd of February but because of some delay on his flight,he made it on the 24th. We are so happy seeing each other at the airport. I was late for 30 minutes though but were very glad to be with each other finally. Our meeting went great and very precious and just to be able to see and get to hold each other is such a wonderful feeling. I LOVE HIM SO VERY MUCH.

We flew back to my town on that same day and he spent 10 days here in the Philippines,we had a great time together and a wonderful memory to treasure and our love for each other had just grown and become stronger and stronger. I introduced him to my officemates,to my family on both side of my mom and dad and everyone think he is nice,cute,handsome,gentleman,down to earth, friendly, fun to be with, possesses a good character and very loving and I agree. We spent our time in four beautiful resorts here. We do things together and yes we are inseparable. February 26, 2008 around 8 in the evening,in our room he proposed and gave me the ring..Ohhh I'm so happy and we are both happily engaged. My family was so happy when I told them and so with his family. We know the rest is yet to come and soon we will be together for good and be with each other for the rest of our lives. We know that it will be a very happy day for both us and we are looking forward on that very day,the day of our becoming one.


lira said...

ako ning birahob gwaps ha? hehe...mamira n lng ta ani.

lira said...

lamat daan bisan wa pa ka ingon oo...hehe..miga bitaw ta.

Dezz said...

wow! what a long story. best wishes to both of you.