Thursday, September 10, 2009

Outlook Mail Recovery

I always encounter problems with my laptop particularly in the operating system. It's either it is corrupt by a malicious spyware or viruses or sometimes it will just shut down and will not function for how many days. It is very disturbing for me when this circumstances occur because I work from home and being out of access in my computer for how many days has s huge effect on my work. It is more hassle to me when I sent it out for repair and pay an extra buck from the damage occur. A friend of mine told me that I can do it on my own and it is not really hard to recover my operating system. The problem is I am not a computer enthusiast and can't perform a certain task to recover a loss on my computer. But out of curiosity, I did search for a solution just in case my computer breaks down again. I came across this website which tackles about this amazing tool that recovers a pst files from Microsoft Outlook which is my main problem all the time. I am glad I found this and I am pretty sure it will help me learn and perform a task on my own without paying an extra buck anymore. This tool is called Outlook Mail Recovery. This powerful tool could recover files even after the file becomes corrupted because the .pst file is too big which normally happened. It could also recover even if the .pst file becomes corrupted in transit over the network, if you have accidentally deleted messages, contacts and notes, if the .pst file header has become corrupted, if the .pst file become corrupted during compression and if the incomplete recovery of .pst file because of heavy disk fragmentation. Amazing! This is exactly what I need for my computer works at home.


rohit said...

Thanks for this but recently i got a problem in system & want & i want to recover my data so i search my through net so i got a website which is which is provide recovery solution & it works

Bob Luis said...

Another such powerful PST repair software which could suuccessfully repair and recover your corrupt pst file is Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST repair Software.