Monday, September 21, 2009

Playing the piano

Music has been my passion. It can't leave without it. To me I am so attach with it that I should hear it anywhere I go. It always amazes me to hear different kinds of beats and wording from the music that I get to hear especially the instruments that composes the music. What I love it is it makes me dance and feel so relaxed with it's harmony.

Being a music lover, it also leads me to learning how to play an instrument. When I was a kid I went to a piano lesson school and spent almost a couple of years there. It's just so sad that I have forgotten what I have learned and really regret the day that I stop learning it. Playing the piano is like playing the guitar too. You also have to learn the different Piano Chords like you have learned in playing the guitar.

Right now I am trying to revive what I have learn as well as playing the guitar. I a hopeful that I will get it back so quick so that I can play the piano in our church. Oh I would really love to. I have been browsing some website to look for some playing piano tips so that I can easily revive the knowledge that I have in playing the piano. I am so looking forward to the day that I could play the piano again. That would be a great day.

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