Sunday, May 31, 2009

Keep your pet safe

My husband and I has a little chihuahua dog. He is so cute, sweet and smart. We love him so much and we will give everything to him as much as we can. In short he is very spoiled. Well, we can't helped it because maybe we don't have a child yet. We always make it sure that he gets his proper nutrition. He goes to his vet regularly and taking his pills regularly. We want to keep him healthy and avoid any sickness. Being so protective to our little one is our top priority and my husband and I were so glad knowing something that we can use to keep him more safe and guarded all the time. This is the petsafe wireless fence. This is a kind of gadget that sends a signal to a collar that your dog wears. As your dog nears a defined boundary, the collar issues a warning tone. If he/she proceeds further, he/she receives a safe but annoying stimulation that deters his/her from leaving your boundary. No wires to bury, and completely portable. Amazing! This is exactly want we want for him. Have yours too!

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DogLover said...

A Bark Collar is a safe, effective and humane way to train your dog not to bark too much.
Clinical studies conducted by the College of Veterinary medicine of Cornell University have proven that Spray Bark Collars are TWICE as effective as shock collars! Sonic dog barking collars are virtually ineffective compared to spray.