Wednesday, October 17, 2007

fun to ride a bike

Ever since i was 9 years old,my dad had thought me how to ride a bike..I'm so fond of it,it brings so much joy and happiness to me..i run by 80-100 kilometers per hour,pretty fast for a girl like me but i hated low speed because I'm a real speeder..I work in one of the motorcycle dealers here in our place and my job really co-insides with my interest and i love it..As for now i don"t have my bike yet but hopefully one day i want to own a raider 150 bike like what im riding at on this picture..It is real fast,150cc,twin cam with air cooler,6 speed and double overhead get to drive this kind of motorcycle so often so it really encourages me and have that determination in owning this thing someday....Speed up:)

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