Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Day with my Friends...

as i was saying the other day that i am going to shop for a mini skirt because i am running out of mini skirts down here but i end up buying this dress I'm wearing on this picture..I was at the mall and was looking for a mini skirt but this dress had captured my attention and i feel like buying it instead of looking up for some more and so i did..I find it very simple but comfortable to wear..My officemates were teasing me because they could seldom see me wear this kind of clothing..They were like,the baby is now a lady..I felt so much confidence in wearing this clothes because it brings out simplicity and thats me..

this my good buddy Allan Joy,he is my officemate and we get along well..I'm just sad because his stay will only be up to October 31st.He just recently tendered his resignation to pursue his ambition to become a nurse,,I will surely miss this guy and i wish him all the success in life and to his chosen career...

...these are some of my officemates,..from left to right its Allan,Maan,Me and Mommy yong..I already intoduced my good buddy earlier who is Allan..The next one is Maan..She's a pretty girl with a good heart and sweet as well..She is truly a friend that you can count on,,Right now she is pregnant to her first child and its a girl..Her name is "Jessamae" which means "Jesus save me"...She will be leaving soon just like Allan because she will give birth to Jessamae next month..I am so proud being her friend and soon to be the Godmother of her child..

...the working girls...well as to what the picture shows,i just kept the camera rolling..I'm done with my work this time and was just relaxing and gettin' ready to go home..On my background is mommy yong who were very busy with the computer..We all had a great day at work today because no such pressure and all work were done on time..

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