Thursday, March 03, 2011

Poker Addict

Getting engage into a particular game is fun. It brings a some of kind happiness that nobody can give. It will either make you get addicted to it or wind up not liking it. To me when I like a particular game a lot, I would play it everyday. It always makes me feel anxious to play that game everyday.

Right now I am so hooked up to poker online. It's a new game to me that my husband has introduced to me recently. It is very addicting even though I am still on the learning stage. It wasn't really but a very user friendly game. Of course it requires intellect to win and beat your opponents.

I have been playing for a while now and made me so curious to learn the proper hand on my cards. I want to learn the different strategies to win and play the game with a good standing on cards. I've read there is a professional poker school that teaches you the different strategies and teaches you the smart way to play the game. This is awesome because now I can learn more on the game that I am so hooked into today. I will definitely research about this school.