Monday, January 04, 2010


Holly Molly! I am about to freeze my butt to death..Lol..I know most of you will think I am nuts by complaining to a 27 degrees weather but it feels like 19 degrees. I know this is nothing compared up north. But geez luis this is crazy. I don't even want to send out dog out to go potty because it is so cold outside. Could hardly take!!! and according to the forecast, it will be like this for the next few days..Ohhh Shoot!..I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I can see how cold it is already the moment I step out of the house..Whhhewww!!!..

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Grace said...

I'm sorry, Ady.
That is the reason why I convinced my hubby to moved down here in Florida after 16 months stay in Michigan.
But it is also cold here now in Florida. Right now it is 30. They say it is unusual here in Florida.
Well, I'm here... maybe that is the reason. LOL