Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Based on my experienced, I was once got a call from Herbalife International. A representative spoke to me about their product and services as well as asking me if I am interested to earn an extra money. I say to myself I won't lose anything anyway if I give it a try. They sent me some detailed information on what to do and a coach was assisting me over the phone too to get started.

I tried it for how many days but quit because I was busy already and hard to manage my time. But if given another chance to work from home again, I will definitely go back to Herbalife. What amazes me with their services was, they will help you build your confidence to sell with an experienced coach to assist you all the time. Herbalife is dealing with Herbal Nutrition pills for those who wanted lose weight and get slim. You can also join them as a distirbutor to earn an extra buck.

For as low as $9.95 a month you can have your own retail website to start. They will assist you and will help you build up your own website as a distributor. You will be compensated in every sale you make and armed with a powerful training to promote a proven product on your retail website. Aside from that, you can also recommend Herbalife product to your friends and family especially for those who wishes to achieve a slim body. This is very safe and highly recommended by most consumers. Try it now!

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