Saturday, May 17, 2008

Day Off!!!!

It is my day off today and i always look forward to it..It is a day to spend time with my family,spend time with myself and spend more time with my one and only love my baby forest..I always crave for my day off because when it is my day off i could be able to sleep in late and wont be worrying to wake up early..hehehehe..I admit I am not a morning person..Typically during my day off,i will just spend the rest of my time at home,talking to my baby forest and to my family in Mississippi,then browse some sites to read,updating our blog,watch television and cooking,yes the only time i could spend in the kitchen..It is a bright sunny day here in Gensan,i hope it wont rain soon because we always got rain each day,infact we had an earthquake last night,that was so scary,I've got phobia with earthquake..Well I am looking forward to a great day today,hope things will be okay and have a great Sunday everyone

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