Wednesday, April 02, 2008

high school memories

I was tag by lira to wrote up some memories that I had during high school life...This stage is the most memorable days I've ever had,I enjoyed my high school life so much..

~What section were you?

1st year - St. Theresa
2nd year - St. Jude
3rd year - St. Augustine
4th year - St. Anne
This are all section 1,as u can see it is named after a saint's name because I belong to a Catholic School particularly Notre Dame,my Alma matter.

~Who were your seatmates?
My peer:Vanessa,Karen,Grace,Kimberly,Hazel,Novie

~Still remember your English teacher?
Mrs. Alegrie she a sperb English teacher,Shes excellent when it comes to this subject.

~What was your first class? boring with the teacher as well.

~Made friends to the lower years?
Oh yeah!we roam around during break and our group is a well known group in our campus

~How was your class schedule?
Didn't like it because my first class is 7:30 in the morning and it is very hard to wake up early but got no choice that time because whether i like it or not it is the only schedule that we have.

~Made any enemies?
I am friendly but there are really some people who pisses you off.

~Who was your favorite teacher?
Mr. De Guzman for my CAT class,yes i was once an officer LT. M.A. Erro..Mrs. Cudal for my Physics Class,Mr and Mrs Alegria for my English and Chemistry class..they gave me high grades..

~What sport did you play?
Tennis,Badminton,Volleyball and Softball

~Were you a party animal?
Went to some parties but only school related parties..My dad is strict..hehehe

~Were you well known in your school?
Oh yes very much..

Part of growing..hehehe

~Did you get suspended/expelled?
Nope or else my dad will kill me..hehehe

~What was your favorite subject?
Physics,Chemistry,English,Math,Computer class and Economics

~Did you go to the dances?
I belong to our school dance troop and have gone to many competitions.

~Where did you go most often during breaks?
canteen,lobby,covered area

~What did you do on the last day of school?
spent time with my friends.

Share your unforgetable memories too. Tagging dezz,nancy,sheng and anna

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