Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby's kick

It felt great to feel my little ones kick inside my womb. Yes for the past weeks, I can feel the baby kicking so mildly but now it is getting stronger. I love the feeling and makes feel unworried because the baby is moving..hehehehe.. I even told my husband that our baby was playing boxing inside my tummy..lol..That's the update for now and I will let you know some of it soon. Have a great day!

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Grace said...

Kanindot nimo , Ady. Then, magsugod na daw ka magbasa-basa mga story book, kay ganahan daw na sila maminaw. :)
Anyway, magpatabang ko nimo. I hope you don't mind. Unsaon man pag-tag sa imo post? Requirement man gud sa advertiser. Thanks in advance, Ady.